Professional Negligence

We are specialists in Professional Negligence claims based in London and can take on cases anywhere in the UK (using agents for claims out of the jurisdiction) and abroad. We have considerable experience in advising clients who are the victims of badly handled matters involving professionals such as:

  • solicitors;
  • accountants;
  • architects;
  • barristers;
  • construction professionals;
  • expert witnesses;
  • financial advisors;
  • surveyors.

We will take on your case under a no win no fee agreement, and you will receive 100% of your damages. We will claim our costs from the negligent party. We offer a free initial consultation and we will also review your documents. Our consultation is a no obligation service. We appreciate you have been let down by professionals. Only qualified solicitors will run your matter to ensure a profession and expedient service.

Basic requirements in a Professional Negligence Case

If you feel you were wronged by a professional whether your dentist, GP, hospital , accountant or your solicitor ask yourself  these three basic questions:

  • Can you say this person owed you a duty of care? This sounds complicated but it is not. A professional living next door to you does not owe you a duty of care. Your own solicitor, accountant, GP, dentist, hospital does. Once one take responsibility for your matter then they are expected to make sure that you do not suffer any unreasonable harm or loss.
  • If you answered yes to above then think about is this person in any way in breach of that duty to you or failed you in anyway.
  • It you answered yes again then you are very close to having a claim against this person. Now the final question you should ask yourself is if this person’s failure caused you harm (financially or physically or both).

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