New changes in Immigration Rules effecting families

There are some minor updates and clarify the family immigration rules. The changes provide for more countries where * TB screening is now required. There are also changes under the * PBS, including changes to documents required for approved English language tests; clarification that 'regulated financial institutions' means those regulated to provide personal savings accounts or student loans; more legal courses are now exempt from the time limit on study for Tier 4 student visas; and a resident labour market test is not needed for applications for a religious worker (Tier 5) extension.

These changes came into force on 1 July 2013

  • A pre-entry tuberculosis (TB) screening programme
  • Point Based System


One common mistake that most applicants make is to print out a form and complete it. They then send out the signed form few days or sometimes weeks later. If it is around April it is likely that the forms have changed between completing it and sending it. Result will be a refusal from the Home Office simply for using the wrong form and perhaps paying incorrect fee.